[CentOS] MailScanner With One vs Two Postfix Instances

Sun Apr 10 00:35:22 UTC 2005
Kennedy Clark <hkclark at gmail.com>

On Apr 9, 2005 7:34 PM, Johnny Hughes <mailing-lists at hughesjr.com> wrote:
> >
> > I should also point out that there is absolutely NO implied criticism
> > of the SUPERB guides Johnny has put out.  I have found them to be
> > extremely helpful -- thanks, Johnny!
> No offense taken ... :)

Good.  I was a little worried about that. :-)

> The new method is a bit easier, and I am working now on a guide for
> CentOS-4 that does it the new way and uses cyrus-imapd.
> I have used the other way (two postfixes) on several high volume
> servers, and have personally had no problems.  Other people have said
> they sometimes have issues with the two postfix setup.

On a related point: I have been reading over in the postfix user list
archives how they are *really* down on mixing MailScanner and Postfix.
 They say fairly serious queue, email and filesystem corruption is a
certainty.  Yikes.  I'm stressing out now that I just invested a ton
of time coming up to speed on MailScanner over the past 10 days. :-\ 
Anyone have advice for me?  Is it really that bad?  Does the one
instance of Postfix help (or better yet *fix*) this issue?  Do recent
versions make things any better/worse here?

They seem to like amavisd-new.

> As soon as we finish CentOS-4.1 (or maybe before, depending on how long
> RH takes to go from the beta update1 to it's release), I should be able
> to change my CentOS-3.x guide to the single postfix instance mode and
> get a CentOS-4 postfix guide out the door.

Glad to help if I can.