[CentOS] MailScanner With One vs Two Postfix Instances

Mon Apr 11 06:16:03 UTC 2005
Franki <franki at htmlfixit.com>

Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> On Apr 10, 2005, at 19:16, Avtar Gill wrote:
>> Chris Mauritz wrote:
>>> I'm a bit curious what benefit you achieve from adding the complexity 
>>> of mysql into the mix.  Does it improve performance?  Is there some 
>>> feature that you need that is only available if you hook in a 
>>> database back-end?
>> Probably so it's easier to administer user accounts using a web 
>> interface or any other type of UI.  I doubt it's primarily for 
>> performance reasons.  Personally, I prefer an LDAP backend for that 
>> purpose.
> I've done what Franki described with a LDAP backend, because LDAP rocks 
> in these massive read situations. The Postfix in Centos/RHEL 4 was the 
> first that had usable versions of Postfix, OpenLDAP and SASL to make it 
> all work without compiling anything myself.
> jens

Now that is interesting.  I can see what my next mail server will be 

I was not happy to have to compile it all myself, for the reasons mentioned.
Plus I've always been happier with rpm based systems, not that there is 
anything wrong with apt, but I started using linux back in early RH 4 
days and redhat is what I got to know.

How does redhats rpm tools compare to mandrakes urpm* tools?