[CentOS] Manual Paritioning with fdisk

Mon Apr 11 23:49:45 UTC 2005
Gerald Waugh <gwaugh at frontstreetnetworks.com>

On Mon, 2005-04-11 at 15:56 -0700, Johnn Tan wrote:
> > I make hda1 software raid and hdc1 software raid
> > then use the RAID button, make RAID1 hda1 hdc1 OK
> > I end up with hda1 hda2 as md1
> Did you *only* create hda1 and hdc1? I vaguely remember a similar 
> problem. And my workaround was to do only those two, then immediately 
> use the RAID button to make md0. After md0 is created, create hda2 and 
> hdc2, then RAID again to make md1.
> And you should have no problem making any of the md devices a swap 
> partition (just choose swap instead of ext2/ext3/reiserfs/LVM/etc.).

Yes, I create hda1 and hdc1 as "Software Raid"
then hit the RAID button.
It says md0 and the partitions are hda1 and hdc1 I select RAID1,
but when I hit OK and look at the display of partitions it indicates
hda1 and hda2 and hdc reads unused. 

Crazy I know!