[CentOS] Wine and CentOS quick question

Tue Apr 19 11:15:47 UTC 2005
Olaf Greve <o.greve at axis.nl>


In my quest for finding good means to run W*nd*ws programs like IE and 
Ultraedit I have just decided to give Wine a go.

Now, the machine I have has an AMD Sempron 2300 processor, and the 
CentOS version is version 4 (with all the patches and upgrades applied 
to it).

The question then becomes: which Wine version can I best use?
There are basically two lines that seem to best match CentOS 4, being 
the one that is RHEL 3 compatible, and, OTOH, the one for Red Hat Linux 
9 (which perhaps has a closer matching kernel???).

Also, out of those two lines, which one can I best use: the Athlon 
version, or the i686 one?

To summarise:
My installation is: AMD Sempron 2300 + CentOS 4.

The available options to chose from that I think come closest are:
1) RHEL 3 Athlon
2) RHEL 3 i686
3) RH 9 Athlon
4) RH 9 i686

Which one would best fit in your opinion?