[CentOS] MIrrored drives won't boot after installation

Tue Apr 26 11:42:27 UTC 2005
Gerald Waugh <gwaugh at frontstreetnetworks.com>

On Monday 25 April 2005 22:25, Chris Mason wrote:
> > When you configure the drives as RAID1 the installer never request where
> > to install the boot record. If configuring with one drive (no raid) the
> > installer will ask where to install the record.
> >
> So how do I fix this? I really need to get a mirrored drive system up and
> running.

I guess you can install lilo manually after the install. There were several 
post about that.
I use a ks.cfg file, that does the install with raid and lilo.
Send me an email and I'll send my ks.cfg, if you like.