[CentOS] MIrrored drives won't boot after installation

Tue Apr 26 12:41:47 UTC 2005
Chris Mauritz <chrism at imntv.com>

Gerald Waugh wrote:

>On Monday 25 April 2005 22:25, Chris Mason wrote:
>>>When you configure the drives as RAID1 the installer never request where
>>>to install the boot record. If configuring with one drive (no raid) the
>>>installer will ask where to install the record.
>>So how do I fix this? I really need to get a mirrored drive system up and
>I guess you can install lilo manually after the install. There were several 
>post about that.
>I use a ks.cfg file, that does the install with raid and lilo.
>Send me an email and I'll send my ks.cfg, if you like.

I usually create a 128mb (or so) partition in addition to a 512mb-1024mb 
swap partition on each disk.  On the first disk I put the /boot 
directory in that partition.  On the 2nd-n disk, I put backups of /boot 
or sometimes /tmp.  The remaining space on each drive I use for RAID 
partitions.  That should solve your problem.  The only potential 
drawback is that if the disk with /boot fails, you will lose data in 
that directory.  So I've got a cron job that mirrors it's contents into 
one or more of the backup partitions each day.  In a pinch, I can 
manually force lilo/grub to find the /boot partition in another drive.  
That strategy has served me well since I began using sofware RAID on 
Linux back in '97 or so and later migrated to hardware RAID using Mylex 
SCSI RAID controllers and later 3Ware IDE/SATA RAID controllers.

Hope that helps.