[CentOS] Does CentOS has problems with Norton Ghost 2003 images?

Wed Apr 27 21:19:45 UTC 2005
Maciej Zenczykowski <maze at cela.pl>

Well, believe it or not this means Norton Ghost is screwed up.  Why?
Cause a simple cat /dev/hda | cdrecord dev=/dev/dvd ... works fine as a
backup (once everything is mounted read-only and synced) for me.

Regardless this can't be a CentOS problem.  This might have to do with
Norton trying to parse the filesystem - which now includes selinux
labels...  Parsing the file system is not something it should be doing.
It should be doing a bit by bit copy - possibly with compression.


On Wed, 27 Apr 2005, Juan Pablo Espino wrote:

> Hello all
> We have two very important workstations dedicated to tasks of
> development and investigation.  At the moment we have installed a dual
> boot platform with CentOS 4.0 and Windows XP Proffessional SP2.  In
> order to do backups of these machines we need to create an image with
> Norton Ghost 2003.
> We have worked with Ghost during several years with different
> platforms (Red Hat, White Box Linux, Windows) without problems but now
> we are facing problems with our CentOS. When the creation of the image
> reaches approximately 50% in BOTH machines the Norton Ghost aborts
> with an error.  Using the "force cloning" option of Ghost we managed
> to complete the creation of the image, nevertheless when recovering it
> we got this error: GRUB GRUB (the machine never booted)
> Then we tried to boot CentOS from a floppy and linux rescue and it
> didn't work.  Two days ago we made and we recovered images to those
> same discs with White Box and WinXP without problems.
> Given our experience with Norton Ghost, we considered seriously that
> the problem is CentOS.  We did many tests to have arrived at this
> consideration. Here are the details:
> Two exactly equal machines (the same hardware and resources), except
> by the hard disk
> 1.  PC DELL
> Hard disk:  Maxtor 20GB
> RAM: 512 MB
> Processor:  Pentium 3, 866 MHz
> 2.  PC DELL
> Hard disk:  Seagate 20GB
> RAM: 512 MB
> Processor:  Pentium 3, 866 MHz
> The disk partitions are:
> /hda1	windows xp 	10 GB
> /hda2	/boot 		100 MB
> /hda3 	/		8900 MB
> /hda4	swap  		1 GB
> We would like to know if someone has had the same problem (making an
> image with Norton Ghost 2003 to a dual boot system using Windows and
> CentOS.)  Any suggestions are VERY important for us.  Thanks in
> advance.  Regards,
> Juan P. Espino
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