[CentOS] Does CentOS has problems with Norton Ghost 2003 images?

Wed Apr 27 21:37:15 UTC 2005
Maciej Zenczykowski <maze at cela.pl>

> We've successfully used g4l on CentOS 3.4 boxes, but as has been
> mentioned, that's pre-SELinux.

Due to the way g4u/g4l operate they don't give a damn about operating
system / file system versions.  They simply xerox the hard disk.  If
backing up a single partition doesn't work (unlikely but possible) than
you can always backup the entire disk - thats 99.9999% guaranteed to work
- if it doesn't work it's hardware issues and nothing to do with the file
system or operating system versions (there's no filesystem or operating
system dependent code within g4u/g4l).