[CentOS] CentOS 4 and OpenOffice

Sat Apr 30 02:03:05 UTC 2005
Robert <kerplop at sbcglobal.net>

Johnny Hughes wrote:

>On Fri, 2005-04-29 at 10:06 -0500, Robert wrote:
>>Robert wrote:
>>>Has anyone here replaced the openoffice.org packages with those that 
>>>were distributed with FC3?  It's either that for me or simply 
>>>scrapping CentOS in favor of FC3 (or even FC1).  I'm very surprised 
>>>that I can find no reports regarding the impossibility of formatting 
>>>multi-page spreadsheets to print properly.
>>Answering my own question....
>>Removing (rpm -e)
>>and installing
>>from the FC3 CDs (specifically CD 1,2 and 4) restored my ability to 
>>print spreadsheets properly.  This was both on a test box, printing 
>>across the network and on the machine I'm using at this moment. The fact 
>>that both machines exhibited the same behavior using the .EL4 version 
>>would seem to rule out some goofy install problem.  The fact that relief 
>>was instant following the installation of the older files would seem to 
>>rule out a "senior moment" on my part -- which was an open question in 
>>my mind for some time.
>>So, as far as usability, this is a case of "all's well that ends".  Yet, 
>>it would be interesting to know if the OpenOffice.org developers let 
>>such a glaring bug escape, if the bug was a RedHat enhancement, if 
>>perhaps there was some unheralded error in the rebuild process or maybe 
>>a download error here.
>The latest version of OOo for CentOS-4 (openoffice.org-1.1.2-22.6.EL4)
>spreadsheet prints fine for me ... not sure exactly what the error you
>had was.
1. There is no excuse for the tone of my original post. 

2. Looks like openoffice.org.i386-1.1.2-24.6.0.EL4  is available now. 
I'll try it either this evening or tomorrow. It's no big deal, now that 
I know the way back.

3. I'll attempt to explain the original complaint. I have a spreadsheet 
that is 11 columns x 380 rows. The last time I printed it was several 
months ago and it required 8 pages. Whenever I print any spreadsheet I 
always do a File -> Page Preview first, then flip through the pages to 
see that I haven't done something stupid like failing to set the print 
area to include the growth records and to make any adjustment to bottom 
margin needed to avoid goofy stuff like a page with only 1 line.
My first clue that something was different came when there was no page 
flippin' to be done ' cause I was looking at "page 1 of 1".  It was 
almost like OOo was setup to use roll paper -- which I haven't seen some 
of in quite a while. Clicking the "Page Format" button and running 
through the several tabs revealed nothing of interest. In the "Sheet" 
tab, "Scale" section, the "Reduce/Enlarge printout" bullet was ticked 
and the reduction was set to something like 54%.  Instead of reducing 
the number of sheets indicated from 9 to 5, it just considered the whole 
thing a single sheet.
I tried ticking the "Fit printout on number of pages" bullet with 
limited success. I didn't print the whole spreadsheet using that setting 
but I have a first sheet here with a partial row at the bottom.

4. I still have no earthly idea what happened. I just checked my CDs 
(specifically, #2) and found that the version in question is on the CD.  
I KNOW I used Bittorrent to download the isos. I can't swear that I 
checked the MD5 sums before burning.

I WILL investigate further.

Thanks for the response!