[Centos] kernel compile and console mouse

Tue Jan 4 15:58:08 UTC 2005
Jesús García González <jesus at ceinpet.cupet.cu>

Hello everyone,


  I had to recompile my kernel to enable NTFS support. I used as base the
i686 kernel config and enabled the read-only NTFS module.  After booting my
custom kernel it all works fin (it reads the NTFS partition :-) ) but the
console mouse (it’s a text only pc) won’t work.  Restarting the gpm service
makes the poiter show but won’t respond to mouse moves or clicks and will
vanish at the first keystroke. Rebooting with the original kernel brings it
back to life.


What did I miss?


Any help aprecuated,


Best wishes,




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