[Centos] CentOS web page "Contact Us" form

Mon Jan 3 22:36:15 UTC 2005
donavan nelson <donavan at 4wx.net>

Rick Graves wrote:
> Hey,
> Some time ago (two weeks maybe), I put a message in
> the CentOS web page "Contact Us" form, in part to see
> what would happen.  


There are two contact us forms on the menu.  One for the "webmaster" and 
one for the development team.  Currently webmaster issues go to lance 
and myself.  (This is where you sent your question.)  For dev team I'm 
not sure where lance has them going atm.  I get them for certain as does 

As for your issue I did see it before my xmas holiday and deemed it to 
be non critical at the time and responded when I returned from holiday.

Other critical issues regarding the website where addressed during the 

> Would it be better for submissions on the "Contact Us"
> form to get onto this mailing list immediately?  

For webmaster issues NO.  For contacts to the dev team, sending to the 
centos general mail list is unlikely to produce the correct target 
audience for most queries.