[Centos] in CentOS 3.4, mod_auth_ldap ?

Thu Jan 20 20:04:35 UTC 2005
David McDowell <turnpike420 at gmail.com>

I'm coming from FC3 and moving to CentOS 3.4.  I have been using
mod_auth_ldap for some time now with Apache 2.x and authenticating to
my Microsoft ADS without problems, here's my article on how that


However, I have come to find out that CentOS 3.4 only comes with
mod_authz_ldap and when I did some reading on it, doesn't seem like it
will work with M ADS at all.  Any thoughts on how I can get
mod_auth_ldap (not authz) functional with my CentOS 3.4 and where to
get it??

David McD