[Centos] in CentOS 3.4, mod_auth_ldap ?

Thu Jan 20 22:15:21 UTC 2005
lee at leegarner.com <lee at leegarner.com>

I have mod_authz_ldap working ok.  Here's a .htaccess file:

AuthName        "Authorized Access Only"
AuthType        Basic
AuthzLDAPEngine on
AuthzLDAPServer "serverip:389"
AuthzLDAPBindDN ldap_lookup at domain.com
AuthzLDAPBindPassword Ldap_Lookup_password
AuthzLDAPUserKey sAMAccountName
AuthzLDAPUserBase dc=domain,dc=com
AuthzLDAPUserScope subtree
AuthzLDAPSetAuthorization off
require group CN=GroupName,CN=Users,DC=domain,DC=com

> However, I have come to find out that CentOS 3.4 only comes with
> mod_authz_ldap and when I did some reading on it, doesn't seem like it
> will work with M ADS at all.  Any thoughts on how I can get