[Centos] NNTP versus web forums

Sun Jan 9 02:30:24 UTC 2005
Mark A. Lewis <mark at siliconjunkie.net>

Even if there isn't, it wouldn't be hard to 'inject' the mail list posts
into the database for the forums, just use the subject as the topic,
give it it's own subforum.

Going the other way could be a bit harder. 

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On Sat, 8 Jan 2005 15:53:37 -0500, Jim Zajkowski <jim at jimz.net> wrote:
> I see that a number of questions are being answered on the new web 
> forum that is now part of the centos site.  And the mailing lists  So 
> now there are two places to search, both the forum and the mailing 
> list archives.
> This is just doubles the work required to follow along or find a 
> solution.

That's funny because the thought about having "two places to search"
occurred to me a couple of days ago when I read the following two

I am new to Centos so correct me if I'm wrong but I'm assuming that
developers and end users were initially corresponding with each other
via mailing lists.  In my opinion, redirecting some future discussions
to the web forums while leaving others on the mailing lists seems
counter productive.

I'm not familiar with the CMS software that is being used at centos.org
but is there any mailing list <-> web forum software available for it?
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