[Centos] NNTP versus web forums

Sun Jan 9 14:40:52 UTC 2005
Karanbir Singh <Mail-Lists at karan.org>

Hi Mark,
Mark A. Lewis wrote:
> Even if there isn't, it wouldn't be hard to 'inject' the mail list posts
> into the database for the forums, just use the subject as the topic,
> give it it's own subforum.

I am not sure why you would want to do this. The Maillists are already 
online at http://lists.caosity.org/pipermail/centos/, as well as at 
http://gmane.org/find.php?list=centos - And Gmane then gives you the 
option to read it online / NNTP feed it or even RSS feed the posts, 
whatever takes your fancy.

> Going the other way could be a bit harder. 

I believe there is such a mechanism already in place - you can signup 
for notifications of msg posts in the web forums.However the entire 
Posting is not sent out - only a link saying : new post - click here.

IF that can be changed to have the Post Subect as the Email subect and 
the entire body of the post sent out with the notifications, along with 
the link to the post itself, making it possible to click through and 
reply if required. I think that should solve the immediate issue.

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