[Centos] Re: NNTP versus web forums

Sun Jan 9 09:06:20 UTC 2005
Kay Diederichs <kay.diederichs at uni-konstanz.de>

Jim Zajkowski wrote:
> I see that a number of questions are being answered on the new web forum 
> that is now part of the centos site.  And the mailing lists  So now 
> there are two places to search, both the forum and the mailing list 
> archives.
> This is just doubles the work required to follow along or find a solution.
> I know NNTP isn't sexy, it doesn't allow graphics in posts, it doesn't 
> have person ratings or cute smileys, and it requires a modicum of 
> competence to use, but it DOES do all of these:
>   . Allows off-line reading and replying, with an appropriate reader.
>   . Searching.
>   . Reliable way of showing you which threads have new posts.
>     -> I have not yet found a single web forum that did this well.
>   . Orders of magnitude faster.
>   . Easy to archive.
>   . Small footprint, on-disk and over-network.
>   . Synchronisation to multiple servers, reduced network use.
>   . Bidirectional synchronisation to a mailing list.
>   . Supports authenticated posting, moderation, etc.
> --Jim

many mailing lists , including this one, can be read on the newsserver 
news.gmane.org . This is extremely nice because they do not clutter my 
mailbox, and are easily searchable.