[Centos] OT -- Inexpensive CentOS dedicated servers?

Mon Jan 10 18:31:36 UTC 2005
Ryan Lane <ryanlane at gmail.com>

On Mon, 10 Jan 2005 13:05:05 -0500, Jason Dixon <jason at dixongroup.net> wrote: 
> I'm curious as to why you're not supporting a business running RHEL
> instead.  Without RHEL, there would be no <insert_RHEL_clone_here>
> distribution.  Granted, the CentOS is a wonderful project, and I
> continue using and supporting (see below) as long as it's useful to me,
> but if you're going to support something with _money_, why not put it
> where it will actually benefit the CentOS developers and community?
> Buying webspace from a company using CentOS supports nobody but the
> company hosting your account.  They paid no funds to further the
> development of CentOS;  Red Hat  and its customers do.  By spending
> your money on a company that uses RHEL, you're helping to ensure that
> RHEL is successful.  So long as RHEL is successful (barring any changes
> in policy from Red Hat), CentOS can continue to derive their releases
> from RHEL.

True that it does not put any funds into CentOS or Caosity.org. 
That's not my intent _here.  My intent is to have a dedicated server
preinstalled with CentOS on it.  As I stated before, I am looking for
an inexpensive solution.  RHEL is great, but the licensing is
expensive, and those costs get rolled into the monthly charges.  I'm
not going to be running a business on this server, so it's not like
I'll have income there that would defray the cost of the server.  It's
just going to be a personal dev. box, with a few accounts for family
and friends.

Also, I like CentOS a lot!  The more hosting providers that offer
CentOS, means more users and a stronger community.  And that should
lead to more widespread acceptance of the project.