[Centos] OT -- Inexpensive CentOS dedicated servers?

Mon Jan 10 18:53:09 UTC 2005
Joe Polk <listuser at javelinux.com>

I have mixed emotions about this concept. Frankly, RH has made small companies
and individuals feel they really aren't worth their trouble. Their licensing
scheme is, in my opinion, not very "community" oriented. They've decided to
pattern it more after Microsoft. They don't want money from end users. They
cancelled their end user desktop to focus on corporate users. The primary
reason I don't ru RH officially is due to this attitude. I appreciate the
Centos dev team for putting Centos together and would much rather donate to them.


> Buying webspace from a company using CentOS supports nobody but the 
> company hosting your account.  They paid no funds to further the 
> development of CentOS;  Red Hat  and its customers do.  By spending 
> your money on a company that uses RHEL, you're helping to ensure 
> that RHEL is successful.  So long as RHEL is successful (barring any 
> changes in policy from Red Hat), CentOS can continue to derive their 
> releases from RHEL.

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