[Centos] OT -- Inexpensive CentOS dedicated servers?

Mon Jan 10 22:27:49 UTC 2005
Jacob Robert Wilkins <jrw at nplus1.net>

I'm glad someone replied with this. I was eventually going to get around 
to saying the same thing. Several of the hosts in the 
mirror.(caosity|centos).org rrdns pool are hosted at ServerMatrix. They 
have provided excellent service.


> www.servermatrix.com has some really cheap dedicated servers with 
> regular RHEL available for no extra fee.  They made some mass-licensing 
> deal with RH and run their own satellite server for updates.  I've been 
> a customer for almost a year now and I've been incredibly happy.  I 
> ordered a 2.0GHz celeron machine but they only had 2.4's so they gave me 
>  one of those at no extra cost.  I originally started out on a 
> 1000GB/month plan but at some point they just upped it to 1200/month, 
> again no extra cost.  My favorite part though is their 2-ring SLA.  I've 
> used it three times, and each time *bang* real live human on the phone 
> in 2 rings.
> -jim
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