[Centos] OT -- Inexpensive CentOS dedicated servers?

Mon Jan 10 22:35:04 UTC 2005
Lance Davis <lance at uklinux.net>

On Mon, 10 Jan 2005, Jacob Robert Wilkins wrote:

> I'm glad someone replied with this. I was eventually going to get around 
> to saying the same thing. Several of the hosts in the 
> mirror.(caosity|centos).org rrdns pool are hosted at ServerMatrix. They 
> have provided excellent service.

But we pay them for it - whereas some of the other hosts are provided by 
sponsors free of charge - such as :-

Pegasus Web Technologies
VIP Hosting

If anyone else would like to sponsor a server as part of our mirror pool 
we will be shortly putting up a web page with thanks and links.

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