[Centos] RHEL question

Fri Jan 21 23:06:30 UTC 2005
Troy Engel <tengel at fluid.com>


'up2date' has a download only option (-d/--download); you could use that 
after some fashion (might take a little hacking) to routinely snag all 
upgrades post-ISO, and build your own apt repository. Take a look at 
repo-janitor (over on the FreshRPMS list), maybe it'll give you some ideas.

Start with something like:
   /usr/sbin/up2date --nox --showall > /tmp/allrpms.txt
   sed [magic sed switches to remove version] < /tmp/allrpms.txt > 
   for $line in /tmp/all.txt; do
     /usr/sbin/up2date --nox -d --tmpdir=/path/to/apt/repo --get $line

(complete psuedo code, not a bit of it tested :) )


Steve Meyers wrote:
> I work for a small company, and we're running CentOS on our servers.  We 
> are looking to possibly move our most critical servers to RHEL.  We 
> currently use apt to deploy software upgrades to our servers.  I have a 
> question about RHEL subscriptions that they don't seem to be able to 
> answer for me.  If you have an RHEL subscription, do you have access to 
> manually download the RPMs?  We would prefer to deploy upgrades using 
> apt instead of up2date, for consistency, but we need to know whether we 
> can even do that on RHEL.
> Thanks!
> Steve Meyers
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