[Centos] RHEL question

Fri Jan 21 23:35:51 UTC 2005
Taco Scargo <centos at scargo.nl>

Hi Steve,

> If you have an RHEL subscription, do you have access to manually download 
> the RPMs?
Yes, if you have registered one (or more) of the subscriptions towards an 
RHN account, you can download them by logging in to https://rhn.redhat.com

Alternatively you can build a script that does that for you. I used to work 
at a company that used this and maintained their own internal apt server.

> We would prefer to deploy upgrades using apt instead of up2date, for 
> consistency, but we need to know whether we can even do that on RHEL.

No problem whatsoever.

With regards,

Taco Scargo