[Centos] RHEL question

Sat Jan 22 00:00:36 UTC 2005
Mike Kercher <mike at CamaroSS.net>

The answer is yes you do.  You'd have to login to https://rhn.redhat.com and
go to the proper channel, but under the errata, you can find download links
to the RPM's.


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I work for a small company, and we're running CentOS on our servers.  We are
looking to possibly move our most critical servers to RHEL.  We currently
use apt to deploy software upgrades to our servers.  I have a question about
RHEL subscriptions that they don't seem to be able to answer for me.  If you
have an RHEL subscription, do you have access to manually download the RPMs?
We would prefer to deploy upgrades using apt instead of up2date, for
consistency, but we need to know whether we can even do that on RHEL.


Steve Meyers
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