[CentOS] Re: Opteron Mobo Suggestions

Kirk Bocek t004 at kbocek.com
Fri Jun 24 02:18:59 UTC 2005

Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> So instead of working about the latest'n greatest Opteron mainboard, see
> if you an find a $300 dual-Opteron mainboard with the AMD8131 that
> supports dual-core.  

Okay, there's the challenge kiddies! Who can come up with an actual in-stock SKU that 
I can pay real $$$ for? I love Bryan's knowledge and information. Really, I do! But 
my choices *end* with the motherboards a retailer can put into my UPS driver's hands.

Bryan, I wish I could force Tyan, Asus and all the rest to make your perfect design. 
But I can't. I'm sorry. ;)

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