[CentOS] Directory Server for CentOS 4.1

alex at milivojevic.org alex at milivojevic.org
Tue Jun 28 19:34:17 UTC 2005

Quoting ago at lsc.hu:

>>  Somebody has tested directory server
>> (http://directory.fedora.redhat.com/wiki/Main_Page)
>> under CentOS 4.1?? Is it ready for production
>> environments?? Somebody has ported to centos??

> We didn't succeded to compile it from source but the downloadable binaries
> are working on CentOS. We tested it. The ACI-s and schema are a bit
> different from OpenLDAP but it's much mature software. OpenLDAP has other
> advantags - like layers in the betas - but FDS/RHDS/etc. much more usable
> and stable right now. It needs more resource, off course but it doesn't
> matter to me. I like stable software much better.

Hm, sounds interesting alternative to OpenLDAP.  It says it supports SASL
authentication and MD5 password hashes.  Does it also support placing a 
for SASL where to check the password into password attribute (instead 
of placing
actual password in it)?

What I'm talking about is putting something like "{SASL}user at REALM" into
password attribute.  OpenLDAP would than use saslauthd to check the password
(passing it user at REALM and whatever user entered as password).  In my case
saslauthd is configured to check passwords using kerberos5 backend.  
directory server does not store any passwords, passwords are stored in 
database (and I have users spread across several distinctive Kerberos realms
(some Unix based, some Windows AD), to make things even more interesting).

(having that functionality is "must-have" for me, before even thinking about
downloading FDS to try it out).

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