[CentOS] Mailscanner and Postfix

Wed Mar 30 10:29:33 UTC 2005
Plant, Dean <dean.plant at roke.co.uk>

Nigel Kendrick wrote:
> I have just followed Johnny Hughes' excellent walk-through on how to
> install Postfix, MailScanner with ClamAV and Spamassassin and it
> seems to be running fine during in house testing, but I want to make
> sure that it behaves itself when it goes live serving about 250
> users; I have read comments elsewhere both for and against the use of
> Mailscanner with Postfix, and when I mentioned the subject on the
> Postfix group I was informed I *WILL* have mail dupes and missing
> mail so can I have some observations from people using this setup
> with Centos (3.3). 

You really should add another antivirus vendor as its one of the advantages
of MailScanner, you can add bitdefender, it's freeware.

Sorry, I can not comment on Postfix as I use sendmail with MailScanner but
from what I read on the MailScanner mailing list there are lots of people
running a huge amount of mail through it with Postfix.