[CentOS] Mailscanner and Postfix

Wed Mar 30 10:10:04 UTC 2005
Nigel Kendrick <support-lists at petdoctors.co.uk>

I have just followed Johnny Hughes' excellent walk-through on how to install
Postfix, MailScanner with ClamAV and Spamassassin and it seems to be running
fine during in house testing, but I want to make sure that it behaves itself
when it goes live serving about 250 users; I have read comments elsewhere
both for and against the use of Mailscanner with Postfix, and when I
mentioned the subject on the Postfix group I was informed I *WILL* have mail
dupes and missing mail so can I have some observations from people using
this setup with Centos (3.3).

Also, is there a good follow up to JH's article about using that
configuration with virtual mailboxes or is it easy to take the setup as
outlined and 'convert' it to use them? I'm on a steep learning curve as I
pull myself away from the M$ camp!