[Centos] Restart centos from Commandline

Wed Mar 30 19:05:28 UTC 2005
Vaneet Sharma <vaneet at iwg.info>

Hello Alexander,
well, i just asked how to restart the server from command line ?
i does not mean that i dont know how to restart ?
if you ask how to open email from command line ?
it does not mean that you have never checked an email before?
lets come to mathematics and try to understand
Well, regarding creating multi billion dollar business, you dont have to know everything 
You just need to know what is needed to make and create multi billion dollar business.
I dont want to sound rude here, but now people have come down to my self respect
i apologised on mailist list for asking this question.
Do you want the users like us to be removed from this mailist list?  Well, if it happens again, i dont want to be a user on this mailing list
It seems to me that people here think that they know a lot.
We , our company know a lot as well , ( we know how to make money ) and i hope this helps you people in understanding who we are 

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	darshan jadav wrote:
	>>>I am connecting to my server through SecureCRT. Server is running Centos
	>>>I need to restart my server
	>>>What is command line?> anyone knows
	> dunno if u need to go thru docz or not, but u shld defintely shorten
	> yr signature ;-)
	Actually, the signature is really the scary part.  It reads "iwg
	founders are pioneers in creating multi-billion dollar mobile and
	Internet businesses".  Somebody in charge of multi-billion dollar
	Internet businesses does not know how to restart the server (or have
	somebody on the site who knows)...
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