[Centos] Restart centos from Commandline

Wed Mar 30 19:28:05 UTC 2005
Jonathan <j at firebright.com>

>If u read my previous emails, i was criticised by 5 people, i apologised and 
>also am thankful in giving me new direction.
I just have to say, "Welcome to the Internet!"  This is called flaming, 
and in fact I think 5 replies is actually a REALLY friendly list (nice!).

Honestly, given the level of information (quantity) that comes through 
my inbox every day, it's pretty egregious behavior for someone to ask 
how to reboot a linux box, especially when a simple seach on google.com 
for the words, "howto reboot linux" reveals this information in the 
first link:

I'm not attacking you personally, but I'd like to give you a heads up as 
to why this behavior is so frowned upon.

I want you to consider that there are hundreds of people on this list 
who have to read your messages.  When you send something super basic 
stuff, it takes literally 'man hours' to get through it.  Reading this 
thread probably cost me $1 of my time.  Imagine if there are 300 people 
on this list (hypothetically).  That's $300 of other people's money you 
just spent to ask "how do I reboot linux" instead of typing it into 
Google.  So, over the years it's developed that questions that involve 
RTFM (Read The F'n Manual) should NOT be posted to a public mailing list.

What is appropriate, and I would STRONGLY encourage you to do (as I'm 
really happy to see you're using Linux and want to support you) is post 
to forums.  Unlike mailing lists, forums are "opt in" for the reader 
(instead of "opt out" on a mailing list), and it is terribly appropriate 
to ask any questions you'd like, including beginner ones.  Centos's 
website has a good one, but for basic questions, you might like 
*linux**help*.net, or *linux*questions.org (I found the latter 
particularly helpful in learning Linux for folks).

So, consider carefully whether something you post to the list is really 
worth $300 bucks of your colleagues time before you post.  That's a good 
way to think about it. 

For the record, that question, most certainly, was not.

We want people adopting the platform, but you really must be more 
considerate of your colleagues time -- we are in fact the folks who will 
be there to help you when you *really* need it! 

To the list, I'm sorry for not letting this thread die, but I'd like to 
put this in the archives so the next time it happens (which it will), I 
can just email the link.  Hehe. ;-)  Read that?  I PLANNED to send you 
this months ago.