[Centos] Restart centos from Commandline

Wed Mar 30 19:00:34 UTC 2005
dan1 <dan1 at edenpics.com>

Hello, Vaneet.

I understand and agree with what you are saying. It's true that it's 
becoming a bit agressive and it's sad.
I think that you were right to ask those questions, and I don't think that 
the JAVA_HOME thing did hurt to ask. It even helped me so I'm happy you 
asked for. You asked only one or two basic questions but even though I think 
we should be able to ask them. However the rule to seach first before ask is 
still to keep in mind.

Thus, the only thing that really misses here to my point of view is a place 
where we can get a search on all this precious mailing list. The google 
option is not very good because of the delay of inclusion (1-2 days I think) 
and also because we get other answers and we only want answers from here 
(and to be sure to have all of them), knowing that here is the most 
appropriate information.

That's why I suggest putting on the home page of CentOS.org the following 
search motor's URL in the 'support' section:

I'm sure that many new comers will appreciate it a lot. This will most 
probably also reduce by 2 or 3 times the amount of e-mails on this list.

Kind regards to all,


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Subject: RE: [Centos] Restart centos from Commandline

Well, this conversation started with me

I just asked two silly questions and no where did i mention panicking or 
sound  begging ?

The reason i asked them from team was
1) i can get right answer in right time ( as there are so many distros of 
2) i was so eager to learn and run apache and tomcat on linux that these 
small things were coming as hindrance to my main aim

Regarding, spoon fed, i dont think if anyone can reach the stage of joining 
the CENTOS mailing list is spoon fed
if i can join this mailing list, install Centos on my own, run apache and 
run tomcat, if i can code java and restart application servers, i dont think 
i am spoon fed
Of cours i dont know how to start centos from command line because I am not 
a system administrator and never was and never did.

I think aim of this mailing list is to help new users get right answers in 
right time.
There is too much information on internet which waste lot of time and also 
............................ there are too many ways to do same thing. for 
e.g  setting JAVA_HOME from bashrc and also from etc\profile

Does anyone has comments from what i stated  above.
People here on the list have lot of ego's and they dont want to move from 
their point
If u read my previous emails, i was criticised by 5 people, i apologised and 
also am thankful in giving me new direction.

bottom line: if you are that much agigated, please do not answer my 
questions and delete the email. it is better.
kind regards