[CentOS] RE: DHCPd Config or HOW-TO on DNS + DHCP + SQUID +Firewall + Router

Thu Mar 31 07:32:41 UTC 2005
Stanley Langa (ST) <LangaST at telkom.co.za>

I thought I'd share this with you guys:-

Been working/testing on the DEV release of SME7a3 based on CenTOS (on
VMWARE), see contribs.org. Pretty neat I must say, most daemons (DNS,
DCHP, SMB-PDC, LDAP, IMAP, POP, Web Admin) are preconfigured. I've got
phpGroupware, WebERP, KnowledgeTree + other running on the same box

I've always had a challenge with manually configuring listeners etc
and this has saved me hours/days on the Development I'm working on.'


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