[CentOS] firefox-1.0.2-1.4.1.centos4 unstable?

Thu Mar 31 13:44:05 UTC 2005
Chris Hammond <chris at tac.esi.net>

Chris Mauritz wrote:

> Collins Richey wrote:
>> Has anyone else noticed that firefox is less stable after the recent
>> security update?
>> I'm getting several occurrences per day of "just goes poof," i.e.
>> probably seg fault.
> I've noticed this on WinXP as well.  Not only does it go poof, but 
> sometimes it just decides to hang, stare at it's own navel, and gobble 
> up 99% of the cpu time.
> Cheers,
> C
Having this exact same hanging issue.  It was doing it constantly but 
the problem seems to have stopped.  Probal shouldn't have said that as 
it will
probably start again. :)