[CentOS] Putting nat routing into place permanently? -- service iptables save

Kai Schaetzl maillists at conactive.com
Fri Nov 4 02:31:31 UTC 2005

William L. Maltby wrote on Thu, 03 Nov 2005 18:59:33 -0500:

> Philosophically, I agree. *However*, we should keep in mind that the 
> original provision of that script was to keep local sysadmins (and 
> others) from having to monkey with the standard "supported" stuff. *If* 
> that purpose is *still* it's primary reason for being, then it is still 
> a *preferred* method if your POV is from a support aspect (that is, e.g. 
> RH supporting site admins).

I think the main point of the discussion got lost in the meantime. It was 
*not* rc.whatever vs. init.d scripts, but "iptables save" vs. running your 
own iptables script. There are good reasons to run your own script instead 
of saving and restarting that saved state and it's quite different in 
functionality. Whether you then run this script as an init script, from 
rc.local or yet another startup method is a matter of taste (although 
init.d clearly has technical/usability advantages).


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