[CentOS] Fwd: [Rpm-devel] rpm-4.4.3-0.34 for CentOS3

James Olin Oden james.oden at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 14:47:39 UTC 2005

If anyone would like to help test the latest RPM on Centos 3, heres
your chance.   There are several new features that are not mentioned
in Jeff's email, but as he said he wants to make sure it does no harm
more than anything else.   As an example though, this version

   - runtime depedency checking (think of being able to have cpan
modules that weren't installed by rpm being detected, or crazy
dependency like requires a particular processor of a particular
   - autorollback patches are worked in (this is still in progress and
experimental, but, 4.4.3 will be the first official release of rpm
with the latest autorollback code).

There are other features add also, and of course many fixes.

Cheers and Enjoy...james

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From: Jeff Johnson <jbj at jbj.org>
Date: Nov 3, 2005 5:47 PM
Subject: [Rpm-devel] rpm-4.4.3-0.34 for CentOS3
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I've compiled rpm-4.4.3-0.34 against CenTOS3.

There is a yum repository with the necessary packages at

Note that these packages are compiled with --with-mutex=UNIX/fcntl.
If you
are wrestling with NPTL issues and rpm databases, then these packages
almost certainly help.

Also note that I firmly believe that NPTL -- with unified thread and
process locks --
is the best and most general choice for rpmdb locking.

There are still uses for fcntl locking with, say, build trees for -
NPTL legacy
linux systesm, like rpmforge, and perhaps others, are doing, where
fcntl locking is a
far saner choice than posix mutexes because of the mixed +/-NPTL

Any/all help checking the CentOS3 rpm-4.4.3-0.34 is appreciated. I'm
interested in verifying
       rpm-4.4.3-0.34 does no harm.
on CentOS3 (and RHL9) rather than testing of new features.

Report bugs (and successes please ;-) at http://bugzilla.redhat.com
or here
on rpm-devel list.


73 de Jeff
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