[CentOS] multipath failover

Aleksandar Milivojevic alex at milivojevic.org
Fri Nov 4 16:30:11 UTC 2005

I got a chance to play a bit with new device-mapper-multipath.  Unless I missed
something obvios, docs seems to still be in the making.

Could somebody point me to some docs for /etc/multipath.conf file?

Couple of questions (I have very limited time I'll have access to hardware,
sorry if I'm asking some obvious stuff).

I managed to get things working by typing "multipath" from command line (the
device in /dev/mapper created and working OK).  However if I start using the
device (create file system, mount it, do some I/O on it), and than unplug
active path, after short delay I get failover to secondary path.  However, by
that time ext3 device driver decides something went wrong with the journal, and
file system goes to read-only mode.  I can unmount it and mount it again rw,
but, hm, that's not why I have multiple paths.  Any way around this?

Is it possible to have root file system on multipathed device?  Asking for
support for that in Anaconda is probably too much to ask, but is it possible to
do it by little manual work?

Many many thanks for any followups,
Aleksandar Milivojevic

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