[CentOS] A BIG Thank You

Robert roberth at abbacomm.net
Fri Nov 4 15:26:33 UTC 2005

} I agree with Pasi here ... by far, the biggest issue is the boring part
} of the process.  (Release announcements, spinning and testing the
} installs, maintaining the build machines in a pristine build
} environment, comparing the linked libraries to upstream and
} investigating/correcting differences, fixing things that are broken
} {like the dhcpd and glade2 issues and before also thunderbird}.
} I also think that we need to do the build process on local machines, as
} that allows us more control over the private keys used to sign and
} prevents accidental release of development files.
} The biggest problem we have had during the last (2) CentOS-4 update
} cycles is being able to handle the distribution load.  That is were we
} can use some major help :)
} Donations of large space (>200gb), fast connected (100mbit/1gbit to the
} internet), unlimited bandwith (we served 24TB last 3 weeks) servers that
} we can control would help the cause a great deal.
} If you have a machine like that donate (especially Hosting Providers and
} ISPs who are using a free enterprise level distro now in CentOS) please
} see:
} http://www.centos.org/donate/
} [snip]

great info gentlemen...

one thing i was specifically getting at in terms of machine processing speed
was this.....

if machines for your _local_ use _were_ to be donated to the cause that
would help decrease your compilation and other machine processing time
factors.... umm what would you need compared to what you have now in and for
the various architectures?

i know there are folks out there that should and can afford to donate bigger
better processors, i/o backplanes, and storage devices to the cause

to me every little bit helps to an extent and so why not take advantage of
it if possible?

take care,

 - rh

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