[CentOS] Re: samba in centosplus

Tom Diehl tdiehl at rogueind.com
Fri Nov 4 17:16:24 UTC 2005

On Fri, 4 Nov 2005, Steven Vishoot wrote:

> --- Farkas Levente <lfarkas at bppiac.hu> wrote:
> > hi,
> > it'd be useful to include the latest stable samba
> > packages in the 
> > centosplus, since samba.org do not build binaries
> > for rhel just for old 
> > redhat and fedora releases.
> > yours.
> > 
> if you want the latest samba, take a look at this
> site. http://enterprisesamba.com/ 
> NOTE: I have no idea if these are back ported to
> prevent breakage or not. i have not had any troubles
> but i think i have been lucky.

The other choice that WORKSFORME is to build samba from the fc4 .src rpm on
samba.org. On i386 it builds clean, on x86_64 there is a minor packaging bug
that is easially fixed by a patch to the spec file.

I use 3.0.20b here.

If someone wants the patch, I can send it to them. Just ask.


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