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Alexander Dalloz ad+lists at uni-x.org
Sun Nov 6 01:46:20 UTC 2005

Am So, den 06.11.2005 schrieb Sam Drinkard um 2:05:

> I suppose there is no real compelling reason to use qpopper other than
> I've been using it for years with no problems, either security-wise or
> operational wise.  There were some 

> Sam

qpopper has a continuing, very doubtful history regarding security/bug
issues. Each new release comes with a major bug (often a new buffer
overflow). You better avoid that application. Too because it is not
provided by CentOS. Use dovecot - quick, easy to configure and shipping
with CentOS base.

Comment on your question about the MTA and MSA services by Sendmail: if
you explicitly set DAEMON_OPTIONS for the MSA or TLSMTA you too have to
explicitly set them for the MTA - else the MTA is disabled.
You can easily play around with it: selective activate and deactivate
DAEMON_OPTIONS for the services in sendmail.mc, rebuild the sendmail.cf
from it (make -C /etc/mail) and then look at the results by running
"grep DaemonPortOptions /etc/mail/sendmail.cf".


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