[CentOS] mondo Centos4

Bryan J. Smith thebs413 at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 8 17:42:45 UTC 2005

Dave <wintermutecx at gmail.com> wrote:
> I had asked a few months ago if anyone knew if mondo is
> compatible with CentOS4.

Mondo is compatible with many OSes period.  The question is
if the Mindi Linux bootable CD portion will create a good,
bootable CD, and if all commands/files will work.

I've seen Mondo fail a few times.  I've also made (long ago)
some commentary to Hugo on how he's breaking some portability
(probably not a concern for x86 though, although maybe for
x86-64 ;-).

> One person said it was still working, but never mentioed
> if he had done a restore. I had the stable version
> and whenever I ran it there were a few messages about
> command not found.

What command is the question?  Was it during the Mindi Linux
portion (make bootable CD)?

> Well, I had a HD go out and tried booting from the CD and
> it failed.  It was just my desktop PC and my home dir was
> backed up a few days earlier so no biggie.

I really just use the Red Hat Rescue CDs anymore.  I use the
business-card sized CDs and plop just the Rescue ISO images
down on those.

>From there I can run most programs I need.

> So anyone have Mondo installed and has done a recovery?

Yes, although it was clearly back in the RHAS 2.1 days.

> If so what version? If not, anyone now of a full metal
> backup restore similar to mondo?

If your CD boot failed, then something happened with the
Mindi Linux boot CD portion.  I'd have to know more about
what didn't work.

For the most part, when Mondo works, it's great.  But when it
doesn't, expect issues.  You should always test your boot CD
created by Mindi Linux before assuming it will work later.

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