[CentOS] Compile KQEMU

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Wed Nov 9 13:38:10 UTC 2005

Oliver Falk wrote:
>>> Have a look at my qemu package - it might work on CentOS...
>>> http://filelister.linux-kernel.at/mod_perl?current=/packages/
>> I dont see a KQemu module there ..... got a specific link for the 
>> 2.6.9-22.0.1/i386 ?
> I package kqemu into qemu package. :-)

Wont it be better to package it as a 
kernel-module-kqemu-<kernel_version>-foo.rpm just like most other kernel 
modules are .... otherwise the entire package becomes kinda redundant 
each time a new kernel is released.

With a seperate kernel module package, it would also be possible to just 
have a stock qemu.rpm that works all the time, and with kernel-module 
pkgs' installed with each kernel, you can get the acceleration when 

Also, I presume you have an agreement with the author w.r.t licensing 
issues... from the website :

"The QEMU Accelerator is free to use, but it is a closed source 
proprietary product. You are not allowed to distribute it yourself to 
other people without an explicit authorisation. Distributors wishing to 
include the QEMU accelerator on CDs, ISO images or packages must contact 
the author to know the exact terms."

therefore, maybe a .nosrc.rpm ?

- KB
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