[CentOS] Compile KQEMU

Oliver Falk oliver at linux-kernel.at
Wed Nov 9 13:53:13 UTC 2005

On 11/09/2005 02:38 PM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Oliver Falk wrote:
>>>> Have a look at my qemu package - it might work on CentOS...
>>>> http://filelister.linux-kernel.at/mod_perl?current=/packages/
>>> I dont see a KQemu module there ..... got a specific link for the 
>>> 2.6.9-22.0.1/i386 ?
>> I package kqemu into qemu package. :-)
> Wont it be better to package it as a 
> kernel-module-kqemu-<kernel_version>-foo.rpm just like most other kernel 
> modules are .... otherwise the entire package becomes kinda redundant 
> each time a new kernel is released.
> With a seperate kernel module package, it would also be possible to just 
> have a stock qemu.rpm that works all the time, and with kernel-module 
> pkgs' installed with each kernel, you can get the acceleration when 
> possible.

It would be better, of course, but I only packaged it for myself...

> Also, I presume you have an agreement with the author w.r.t licensing 
> issues... from the website :
> "The QEMU Accelerator is free to use, but it is a closed source 
> proprietary product. You are not allowed to distribute it yourself to 
> other people without an explicit authorisation. Distributors wishing to 
> include the QEMU accelerator on CDs, ISO images or packages must contact 
> the author to know the exact terms."
> therefore, maybe a .nosrc.rpm ?

I packaged it for myself... I'm not going to distribute it and already 
deleted it from the site... I just wanted to help... :-)


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