[CentOS] kernel recompile help

Johnny Hughes mailing-lists at hughesjr.com
Wed Nov 9 17:04:05 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-11-09 at 12:01 -0500, Jim Perrin wrote:
> On 11/9/05, Ryan <ryanag at zoominternet.net> wrote:
> > Ok get ready for some weirdness...
> >
> > The CentOS kernel src RPM puts the source in:
> > /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/kernel-2.6.9/linux-2.6.9/
> >
> > I didn't really want to install this kernel as an RPM, so the below
> > steps do not result in a kernel RPM, just a new kernel.
> >
> Any reason why? Centos is an rpm based distribution, so it would stand
> to reason that things you install should be installed as rpm. The
> major purpose for this being that if updates happen to require a
> particular kernel version, and you build yours from source, rpm knows
> nothing about what you're using, and will either install a kernel you
> don't want, or will fail miserably trying to solve dependencies you've
> broken. What harm is there in following the steps to build the rpm?
> You're chopping out all the stuff you don't want anyway, so you still
> end up with the same thing, but by building it as an rpm, your
> packaging system is at least aware of it.

exactly .... bing, bing, bing :)

And what is the harm of having things be there as a module if not
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