[CentOS] kannel from dag - sqlite conflict with centos 4.2

Deim Ágoston ago at lsc.hu
Thu Nov 10 22:02:55 UTC 2005


> which has a dependency on sqlite version 2.8.16-1.2.el4.rf also from Dag.
does the sqlite2 packages from Dag's repo conflict with sqlite3 packages
from official repo ? If they don't then install sqlite2 packages.

> Unresolvable chain of dependencies:
> kannel 1.4.0-3.2.el4.rf requires libsqlite.so.0
Try to create a symlink with name libsqlite.so.0 pointing to
libsqlite3.so.0. And install kannel with nodeps flag.
Maybe it will work, maybe not. As I remember sqlite3 not (fully)
compatible with sqlite2 API.


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