[CentOS] Beware - Yum 3.5 to 3.6 upgrade replaces named.conf

Michael Rock mikerocks65 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 15 21:14:00 UTC 2005

> Ok guys ... this is ONLY an issue IF you have
> caching-nameserver AND
> bind installed ... and if you used the named.conf
> from caching-
> nameserver.
> RH says to NOT install caching-nameserver and a real
> name server on the
> same machine ...

Excuse my ignorance on this subject, been looking for
a link that explains the policy and why?  Right now I
have primary and secondary name servers hosting many
domains and web server applications that need to
resolve DNS from these servers.  Then I have a handful
of workstations that use these servers for regular DNS

This will be significant work/expense and to find
space for it just to separate the caching name server
to a separate box just so the stations can have DNS

Been doing it this way for years without a problem, so
any info you can pass on.

> When caching-nameserver is upgraded, it changes your
> named.conf file ...
> to make it, guess what, a caching nameserver. (A
> caching name server is
> one that resolves all domains ... but is not the
> master or secondary for
> any zones).
> This is the exactly expected and designed behavior
> ... so, NEVER, EVER,
> EVER install caching-nameserver on a DNS server that
> your are using for
> real domain control.
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