[CentOS] Minimal installation How-to?

Sean O Sullivan seanos at seanos.net
Wed Nov 16 09:52:23 UTC 2005

Tim Edwards wrote:
> Sanjay Arora wrote:
>> I would like to install the minimal level of Centos, with yum & selinux
>> on my servers during the basic install from CD with Anaconda and then
>> use yum to install whatever application is major on that server, so that
>> yum installs its dependencies only, thus keeping to the target of
>> installing only what is needed on a server.
> When you get to the package selection stage of the install scroll down 
> to the bottom and select 'Minimal Install'. 

I believe CentOS team released a CentOS 'Server CD', single CD for said 
'minimal' installs.
Recall something mensioned about installer using i586 or i686 kernel - 
Quick look through archive should show post in question.



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