[CentOS] [OT][Practices] The Case for RBAC/MAC

Sam Drinkard sam at wa4phy.net
Sat Nov 19 01:29:36 UTC 2005

Lamar Owen wrote:

>On Friday 18 November 2005 09:55, Brian T. Brunner wrote:
>>Who, pray tell, is my attacker?
>The Windows box that just got infected from a floppy disk, CD, or other media, 
>and it is inside your firewall (if you have one).  Of course, if all your 
>systems are embedded, or have no network connections, then there is no 
>attacker in the traditional sense.
>However, SELinux can provide more protection than that, perhaps even 
>preventing a bug in the code that's running from blowing away critical files, 
>for a possible (even if not probable) example.
I'd like to interject here.. this thread has really gone off the deep 
end, but just chew on this for a little while, and perhaps something 
good will come out of it.  99% of the time, people get agitated, 
aggrivated, or ill about things that 1., they have no control over, and 
2., in all likelyhood, 99% of the time, those 99% of events will *NEVER* 
have any impact on you, *so* why even worry with it ?  Personal feelings 
never solve anything unless you happen to be husband and wife, and I 
don't think any of you fit that category.  It's time to move on to other 
topics, if this thread has not run everybody off already. 


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