[CentOS] [OT] DNSguruz pl help: whois structure, delegation & handling delegation with Tinydns.

T. V. Sivaraman tvsraman at ngri.res.in
Mon Nov 21 11:17:34 UTC 2005

I can suggest a good BIND site, which has been very helpful to us and 
should help you with their documentation.

Consult documentations in http://bind9.org.


Sanjay Arora wrote:

>Sorry for posting to this list but could not find step by step
>instructions anywhere nor get any concerned list to respond.
>Newbie to DNS technicals but can work with instructions if given
>in ./configure for complete idiots ;-)
>1. I have taken a static IP from my ISP and the ISP has
>put up an entry in APNIC whois (please check the same)...to me it seems
>incomplete, as it does not give any contact information/tel/email for my
>organization NOR any abuse email Id etc. On asking, the ISP simply told
>me that nobody asks anything more in whois entry from them so I would
>have to tell what I want of them.
>Please advise what a standard whois reply should show for an
>organisation and pointers to a RFC which guides the structure & field
>names of a whois record.
>2. Classless delegation...I want to setup my own primary DNS Server on
>my DSL with secondary slave DNS servers on the net with DNS services
>like zoneedit.com etc. Now, I want my ISP to delegate my IP so, I can
>change my IP reverse DNS etc...(whenever I want instead of waiting for
>my ISP which takes over a month & multiple contacts, letters & faxes).
>Please advise what the ISP requires to do and what I require to do & in
>what order. My ISP says that they will do whatever is possible but since
>they have never had a query for delegation for a single IP, so they are
>not sure.
>Does the TinyDNS server have to be prepared in advance of the APNIC
>delegation entry? Does the ISP have to create a account/ID with APNIC
>for me? Please advise the generalised procedure & the steps sequence
>wise to be taken to do this.
>DNS Guruz please help...am desperate.
>With regards.
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