[CentOS] RHEL3 --> CentOS3 HP proliant 380

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Wed Nov 23 11:04:13 UTC 2005

Peter van Eck wrote:
> The current smp kernel 2.4.21-9smp is booting with a HPinitrd image.
> Mostlikely generated with the HP proliant Service Pack  for RHEL 3.
> Now if I migrate this system to CentOS 3 and a new kernel will be
> installed ,will that work ? Does the new centOS kernel use the same
> config as the current RHEL kernel ?

No it wont work, you will need to rebuild the initrd and the required 
kernel moduls first.

> I don't have access to the console so can't take too much risk here..

One way to work around the situation would be to first exclude the 
kernel and upgrade everything else to the latest CentOS Release. Then 
install the new kernel with a "yum install {kenel-version-release.arch}" 
( dont upgrade the kernel, just install the new one - multiple kernels 
can co-exist with no issues ). Once you have installed the new kernel, 
check your boot loader configs to see what is the 'default' kernel. You 
might want to leave default kernel on the old one - till you can get the 
new initrd in place.

It would, however, make sense to try find out how the original initrd 
was built and what, if any, new modules need to be created first.

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