[CentOS] RHEL3 --> CentOS3 HP proliant 380

Peter van Eck peter at vaneckonline.net
Wed Nov 23 11:37:33 UTC 2005

Thanks. Ignore most of my previous reply.

Yes I didn't install this machine initially so have no clue how the
HPinitrd was built.
Luckily I found some leftovers from that  ~/root including a rhel3
HP280 install doc. I won't attempt to upgrade the kernel or install a
new one without having access to the console. The machine is
physically 1500 km away :-)

So not touching the kernel but upgrade the rest of the system will
cause no harm ?

A detailed description in the smartfaq on how to migrate RHEL3 to CentOS 3
is using "yum update" instead of "yum upgrade"

However the man page says that "upgrade" is deprecated and may be
removed in the future ..


Karanbir Singh wrote:

> Peter van Eck wrote:
>> The current smp kernel 2.4.21-9smp is booting with a HPinitrd image.
>> Mostlikely generated with the HP proliant Service Pack for RHEL 3.
>> Now if I migrate this system to CentOS 3 and a new kernel will be
>> installed ,will that work ? Does the new centOS kernel use the same
>> config as the current RHEL kernel ?
> No it wont work, you will need to rebuild the initrd and the
> required kernel moduls first.
>> I don't have access to the console so can't take too much risk here..
> One way to work around the situation would be to first exclude the
> kernel and upgrade everything else to the latest CentOS Release.
> Then install the new kernel with a "yum install
> {kenel-version-release.arch}" ( dont upgrade the kernel, just
> install the new one - multiple kernels can co-exist with no issues
> ). Once you have installed the new kernel, check your boot loader
> configs to see what is the 'default' kernel. You might want to leave
> default kernel on the old one - till you can get the new initrd in
> place.
> It would, however, make sense to try find out how the original
> initrd was built and what, if any, new modules need to be created
> first.

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