[CentOS] RHEL3 --> CentOS3 HP proliant 380

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Wed Nov 23 11:41:30 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-11-23 at 12:37 +0100, Peter van Eck wrote:
> Thanks. Ignore most of my previous reply.
> Yes I didn't install this machine initially so have no clue how the
> HPinitrd was built.
> Luckily I found some leftovers from that  ~/root including a rhel3
> HP280 install doc. I won't attempt to upgrade the kernel or install a
> new one without having access to the console. The machine is
> physically 1500 km away :-)
> So not touching the kernel but upgrade the rest of the system will
> cause no harm ?
> A detailed description in the smartfaq on how to migrate RHEL3 to CentOS 3
> is using "yum update" instead of "yum upgrade"
> However the man page says that "upgrade" is deprecated and may be
> removed in the future ..
> thanks,
> Peter

yum upgrade 

That upgrades/removes obsoletes ... (sometimes packages obsolete other

Since you want to upgrade to the latest release ... that is a little bit
different :)

You can just download the same 3 programs I told you ... but the newest
versions ... from here (yum, centos-release, centos-yumcache):


You still want to add the:


(that is better than kernel* as it blocks less stuff and only the

You don't need to change the paths or remark out any of the standard
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